Open source development

Research and design.

The developer grid

Welcome to the 2worlds2go developer grid.

This grid is hypergrid enabled at



But it is not always on or could be slow sometimes.

It is for experimental purposes, to test stuff and sometimes break stuff.

Not all islands are on at all times.

What sims are online depends on what we are working on at the moment.


There are around 20 islands.But some are just full of crazy builds and test stuff.



There are a limit of 5 avatars on any island at the moment. If you are on a safari.


We are still ironing out bugs.


We now have a High Fidelity Server on the grid to. Place name is hifi://2worlds2go.

There is some problem with the connection to High Fidelity but you should be able to use




The projects

R and D

Research and design

We do a lot of research into Opensim worlds, games and web software.

Virtual art and the possibilites with apps and software. Some of it is tech stuff and some art.


The research produces objects, textures, web experiments and sometimes weird hardware. Experiments with new servers and hardware or just connecting old ones in new ways, and the Internet of things. We now do development for the Oculus rift.


The virtual world projects create architecture and landscapes. On the island on the OSgrid randomly new things end up.


The developer grid is now about 20 sims. All run by Opensim. We also have some game servers to test new game ideas.


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